for biogas plants

Biogas plants are a new main pillar for agriculturists to continue managing a business in a future-oriented way.Even politicians have read the signs of time and formed a perfect basis with the new law for renewable resources. That is a chance for every agriculturist! Our job is to help and provide advice to you. Thanks to our practical experience we are aware of the real problems and are able to solve them in a much more effective way.

Realisation and construction

of biosgas plants

In addition to a complete consultation we also offer the full construction of biogas plants. Furthermore we take care of a frictionless operation of your plant with custom-made and individual components as well as our 24h-service. Everything from a single source. Our guiding principle. Your benefit





for biogas plants

In our shop we offer you a variety of components for your biogas plant, e.g. feeding technology, paddle agitators, overpressure valves, manure pumps, manure agitators, manure pumps, overflow valves, manure sliders, heating lines and many more. Feel free to ask us!






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About us

All from a single source. Our guiding principal. Your benefit

We from Green Energy are of the opinion that a professional consultation for the realisation and construction of biogas plants should be based on own experiences. This is something you can rely on us and our experienced technicians 100 %.

Over the last 15 years our team of experienced experts in biogas business has accompanied more than 250 plants throughout Germany with conception, realisation and throughout the ongoing operation. This Know-How makes us to one of the leading companies in terms of biogas-technology.

Our daily work is not all about the construction of individual biogas plants but first and foremost about the development of custom and coherent concepts for a future-oriented energy supply of your business.

This is where we bring in our longtime experiences: With our own plants which we build since 1998 and our employees, who are mainly from the agricultural business we know what is important to you. True to our motto “From practitioner to practitioner” we develop economical concepts fitting for your business based on your ideas and wishes. This applies for the enhancement and expansion of already operating plants as well as for the planning and realisation of new projects.

As partner we are also there for you after the start-up. With training- and qualification courses, with answers to you questions concerning operation, with concrete information to current topics or simply somebody who helps you with the completion of a form.

Any questions around the topic biogas plants? We are pleased to give you the answer. And that is from practitioner to practitioner


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Important terms

  • EEG

    Law for renewable energies, regulates the preferred feed-in of electricity produced by renewable energies into the network and guarantees the producers fixed feed-in payments. Into effect sind April 2000.

  • Renewable raw materials

    (abbrev. NawaRo, Nawaro or NR) are organic raw materials, which derive from agriculture or forestry and are specifically used for continuative purpose outside the food and forage sector – e.g. gras, corn, whole plant silage, …)

  • Thermophilic operation

    Biochemical degradation process (Biosynthesis) which takes place at a temperature of 50°C.

  • Whole crop silage (GPS)

    Often produced from cereal crops (wheat, triticale, barley,...) which are already in the "dough-ripe stage", green crop which has already developed grain. The whole plant is chopped (cut down), backfilled, pressed and stored under foils which are placed on top with the exclusion of air.