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  • Secondary fermenter

    Fermentation container which is gas proof and heated but is not supplied with fresh „forage” but absorbs the fermenting mass from the fermenter and gives the bacterium the opportunity to fully use the available material.

  • Storage capacity

    The fermented substrate (= Output, Material which went through the biochemical degradation process) must be able to be stored 180 days and proved that there is enough capacity available in the dump.

  • Storage flow principle

    This term is used for plants which use fermenter-pits that are not emptied out but continuously filled. For that purpose multiple containers are built which are connected over an overflow (principal of communicating pipes). Just the first container (pit) is filled with fresh substrate (gras, corn,…) on a daily basis. Therefore the fresh material is pushing some of the already fermented amount into the next pit via the overflow.

  • Substrate

    Collective term for raw materials which are used for the production of biogas (manure, liquid manure, corn, gras, whole plant silage,…)

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