Infotag - Hofbiogasanlagen bis 75kW

Infotag am 06. Februar 2015 AUSGEBUCHT !!!

Infotag am 06. Februar 2015
„Hofanlagen bis 75 kW
ab 3.000 m³ Gülle/Mist“
im Biogaszentrum, Marktredwitzer Straße 65a, 95666 Mitterteich von 9.30 Uhr bis ca. 16.00 Uhr.
Mit diesem Programm haben wir versucht für Sie interessante Themen zusammen zu stellen.

Leider ist dieser Infotag schon ausgebucht,
wir bieten deshalb eine weiteren Infotag am 6. März 2015 an.

Nähere Informationen zum 2. Infotag finden Sie hier.

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Important terms

  • EEG

    Law for renewable energies, regulates the preferred feed-in of electricity produced by renewable energies into the network and guarantees the producers fixed feed-in payments. Into effect sind April 2000.

  • Renewable raw materials

    (abbrev. NawaRo, Nawaro or NR) are organic raw materials, which derive from agriculture or forestry and are specifically used for continuative purpose outside the food and forage sector – e.g. gras, corn, whole plant silage, …)

  • Thermophilic operation

    Biochemical degradation process (Biosynthesis) which takes place at a temperature of 50°C.

  • Whole crop silage (GPS)

    Often produced from cereal crops (wheat, triticale, barley,...) which are already in the "dough-ripe stage", green crop which has already developed grain. The whole plant is chopped (cut down), backfilled, pressed and stored under foils which are placed on top with the exclusion of air.