Novelty at the Agritechnica

Our CHiP tuner, a newly gas heat exchanger, has been introduced at the Agritechnica fair in Hannover

The CHiP-Tuner the new graphit exhaust gas heat exchanger of Green Energy convinces from economic and environmental view with its high efficiency and particularly low emission value. We use the residual heat of the thermal power station at 220° C. Due to the high thermal conductivity of graphit up to 30 % of the installed capacity can be converted into thermal energy in addition to the existing heat output. In previous attempts to cool the exhaust gas under 100° C, the main problem was that sulphuric acid was condensing and as a result the used materials in the heat exchanger like stainless steel were rapidly destroyed by corrosion. As graphit is the best corrosion protection against acids the CHiP-Tuner has a clear advantage. Especially for plants with a heat bottleneck or plants wich can bring additional heat to the market this is the perfect solution.

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