Realisation, construction and further development

Know-How in constructing your biogas plant

After the planning and conception we realise your biogas plant and assist you with the coordination of the whole construction process.

At the same time you profit from our custom-made components, which combine our know-how and our long-time practical experience.

These compontents excel in performance, reliability and engergy efficiency.

We do not only use our know-how by assisting you with our with the construction of biogas plants but also with the further development respectively the re-powering of your biogas plant and we also show you how the legal requirements and economical goals are achieved the fastest way.

Realisation: the professional way. Our team ensures a professional and safe realisation of your biogas plant. As a certified specialed company of the VWAS we also perform the required pressure tests for the expert reports.

From practitioner to practitioner

Overall view of our services

1. Overflow

The overflow connects the container and makes sure the substrate can flow into the next container. During operation you profit from the low-maintenance design as well as the energy efficient and therefore cost-effective construction.

2. Feeding technology

The substrate feeding into the fermenter and the therefore used technology is an  important factor for the economic efficiency of a biogas plant. Due to the very robust construction a very low-maintenance operation, which is suitable for all NawaRo-mixtures, is guaranteed.

3. Paddle agitator

Paddle agitators individualized to suit the container size ensure an optimal mix of the fermenter content and thus optimal yields . It is good to know the paddle agitator (slow runnter) is interchangeable when the tank is full.

4. Over-/underpressure protection

Over-/underpressure protection ensures a constant operation pressure and therefore for the operation safety just before container might be damaged. It is characterized by a low-maintenance construction as well as an easy access.

5. Gas torches

As per legislator every biogas plant has to be equipped with a gas torch that burns the waste or not usable gas. Our torch meets the recommendations of the biogas professional association and the insurance association (BG).

6. Gas storage

Wether if double membrane roofs, EPDM-foil or foil bags – the gas storage is selected according to your needs (size, construction typ, shape and manufacturer) .There is also a TÜV-approval for the gas storage available by request.

7. Barrel filling station & pump spreading

In the practical use the barrel filling station, entirely made of stainless steel, convinces through a high filling rate as well as a height-adjustable and a 360° rotatable rotary- and swivel arm. A centrally controlled pump spreading offers you a quick overview and furthermore the advantage that the routine maintenance is considerably lower than with a decentralized distributor.

8. Agitators

These fast agitators ensure an effective circulation in the pits and therefore prevent the forming of floating layers or substrate separation. We select the best fitting agitator according to your needs so that a optimal mixing performance increases the gas yield.

9. Construction of pipe systems for substrate and gas

For the transportation of gas and substrates in biogas plants the components of the pipe systems have to meet special requirements. Pipes made of PE (plastic) or stainless steel convince due to their durability and pressure loading capability.

10. Heating

The NIROFLEX-Heating is used to heat the fermenter (corrugated pipe heating). The thermal- and fluidic optimized Rohrpro I which is made of stainless steel ensures a high water flow and a maximum of thermal transfer.

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